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The Trinity of Customer Centricity is an extremely simple, but effective method to gain a very first understanding of the most essential needs of your customer by diving into their thoughts, emotions and actions... break the ice, build up great teams and activate lazy brains! ...

Oliver Brdiczka, AI and machine learning architect at Adobe, explains the four pillars of contextual AI to form relationships between humans and AI, and questions the real "intelligence" of our current AI...

Everyone has morning habits to get the day started well. It´s as easy as drinking the first coffe to wake up your brain and push it to its peak performance. Find out how...

The daily business of a Product Manager requires a broad skill set. Doing a good job requires necessary capabilities that can hardly be taught. But is there a set of characteristics that Product people should inherently bear inside? If those are developed well, will they fuel our skills? Let´s have a look at 10 skills to see what it takes to succeed as Product Manager....

In the first part of this article we focused on our priorities and I introduced a simple method how to structure your inbox in order to keep focus on the important things. But there are way more uncovered hurdles to take when sending out and receiving emails...