A view beyond horizons: Getting Stuff Done Days

Driving excellence through freedom

Excellence and Drive: two core values of N26. In this article Tom Kua, CTO at N26, explains how Getting Stuff Done Days drive those two core values by providing product people and engineers two full days to engage in whatever they want. „GSDD is important because it gives people dedicated time to spend on activities that help them learn how to become even more excellent. It also gives them space to change the product in the environment that helps them continue being excellent.“, states Tom and adds „We expect that people don’t wait around and that they are not guided or constrained simply by what others want them to do.“. The teams and individuals have all freedom to work on something they really feel passionate about: trying out a new idea, job shadowing or implementing new working models. Personally, I really like the approach of providing a dedicated room and time to let good ideas flow.


Written by Sabrina Rzepka


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