12 Podcasts for Product Managers & Forward Thinkers

12 Podcasts for Product Managers & Forward Thinkers
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If you also spend a lot of time in trains, planes and cars while travelling or commuting you might wanna do something productive meanwhile. Unfortunately, you cannot read any books while driving so you need to find another medium. For me podcasts are the ideal travel companion to make the most out of my time, especially in the car.

I have put together some of my favorite podcasts for Product Managers, but also for digital trends and future life. Tune in and enjoy!

This is Product Management

Great channel from and for hands-on Product Managers. Talks range from customer centricity, statistics and analytics, development and innovation, strategy and forming great teams. One of my favorite episodes 'No.163 Becoming Customer-Centric is Product Management'

Master of Product Management

This podcast is perfect for getting real-life insights from product experts and leaders. The episodes are aimed at operational product people. Topics range from soft skills to customer interview strategies. If you wonder what you are doing, I recommend #25 'What is Product Management?'

The Passionate Team Podcast

Marc Löffler invites product leaders and agile experts to discuss the secret of passionate teams. In his interviews he sheds light on the question how to bring agility forward and beyond organizations to ensure prospering teams. My favorite: episode #32 'Agiles Arbeiten bei AutoScout24' - enjoy!

The Product Podcast

Product School created the Product Podcast channel featuring Product Managers from tech companies like Google, Facebook, Spotify and Twitter. The episodes deal with basic and advanced PM practices. Listen through the recently launched 'Product Book' chapters.

ProdMgmt Talk

ProdMgmt Talk hosts guests from the Silicon Valley and beyond. Discussed is everything from user experience, product innovation to marketing and scaling. If you want to learn how important team health really is, listen to #205 'Create a happy team, make better product'.


Listen to personal and professional stories of people who applied 'getting things done' (GTD) methods and receive practical tipps to integrate GTD in your daily business to increase productivity. You struggle with priorities? Check out episode #45 'Dealing with competing priorities'.

Inside Intercom

Various speakers from all industries share their experiences regarding start-ups, marketing and design. You´ll find valuable talks ranging from growth to design, from customer experience to sales. I enjoyed the talk about 'Understanding your ideal customers and how to sell to them.'

The Productivity Show

This weekly podcast goes beyond pure Product Management skills. Rather you learn how to be more productive in your daily life, manage your time efficiently, set goals and develop yourself to increase happiness. Follow the 6-steps in episode #42 and 'Start your productive day the night before.'


There is more to being a great Product Manager than just doing a good job. The mental performance coach Martin Soorjoo invites guests to discuss strategies regarding stress management, leadership, resilience and mental health. Definitely worth checking out for self-development.

Curious Minds

Host Gayle Allen interviews entrepreneurs, scientists and creative people to talk about 'Innovation in Life and Work'. This podcast is not dedicated to Product Management as such, but deals with closely linked Product Management topics like talks about emotions at work, distraction and team performance. In episode #105 Tali Sharot gives an insight into her book 'The Influential Mind' - highly recommendable.

Trends with Benefits

To me it´s important to follow digital trends and all happenings regarding future technology developments. Therefore I like this podcast a lot as it discusses digital trends like autonomous hotels and brainscans, but also critically examines the future of mobile devices and television. If you want to keep up with the speed of development in AI, electro mobility and smart devices, tune in to this podcast.

Freakonomics Radio

'Discover the hidden side of everything' is the introductory claim of this podcast. Freakonomics Radio addresses all kinds of topics regarding business and economics. Interviews cover a wide range from 'How to be happy' to 'How to fail like a pro' and 'Think like a winner'. Also they have special series like 'The Secret Life of a C.E.O.' and 'Tell me Something I don´t know'. I definitely enjoyed the latter a couple of times.

Written by Sabrina Rzepka


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