Speaking at JAM London

Speaking at JAM London

Sharing genuine Product Stories

Joining conferences is not only great fun, but it is the best opportunity to meet and exchange with fellow product folks. Throughout the year hundreds of conferences for product people take place in Europe and all over the world, and I usually join at least one per year to get fresh input from bright minds!

This year I had the pleasure to share my very personal story with hungry like-minded product people in London. JAM is dedicated to spread genuine stories about product management that include not only success stories, but also deal with failure in an very honest way. That adds this extra portion of value to the conference and talks.  It´s been a jam-packed day full of talks and panel discussions featuring experienced speakers from all over the world. Therefore, I enjoyed being part of the crowd this year and share one stage with those excellent speakers.


The talk overs some of the challenges you are facing as Product Manager when operating between the core of vehicle manufacturing and new digital user experiences. It requires humbleness and out-of-the-box approaches to achieve your goals and overcome struggles. I shared my story about how I tackled the challenges of three Product Management cornerstones in a corporate organization: creating a visible vision, gaining speed in huge organizations and focus on the essentials when it comes to customer centricity.

Curious? Watch my talk „How to keep pace and master Product Management in a 100 year-old organization“

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Inspired to speak at JAM? I can highly recommend to apply and become a storyteller, too! Mathilde and her team provide great support in shaping your talk into a valuable, personal story, and coach you to be confident and present on stage including all the little helpful speaker tricks. Apply for next years conference and rock the stage.  

Or just get get inspired and thrilled by the JAM 2019 London wrap up video. If you don´t have JAM on your annual conference list yet, you should definitely do so. You will not only get great food throughout the day, but while sipping your super delicious coffee you can exchange perfectly well with the attendees and speaker in a chilled atmosphere. I certainly recommend to spend some days in London or Barcelona to roll with the product vibes of JAM!

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Written by Sabrina Rzepka


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