How AI Reinvents Mobility

How AI Reinvents Mobility
How ‚Sedric‘ and its peers will change the game

We are currently facing similarly significant times than 100 years ago. It is a progress for mankind as much important as the industrial revolution. That´s fascinating and it´s even more fascinating to be part of that new revolution. Now we are facing the reinvention of the automobile. Artificial Intelligence and self-driving vehicles will impact mobility tremendously. Car manufacturers encounter great opportunities, but are challenged in their traditional business likewise. The shift from a hardware company to a mobility and service provider requires a clear vision and strategy.

The automobile is about to be reinvented and mobility is defined in a completely new way that opens new societal doors. Autonomous cars will increase quality of live in a similar way as the invention of the vehicle and the switchover from horses to cars. By 2025 it will be normal to use autonomous transportation just as taking the bus today. What does it actually mean for our future mobility and the landscape of urban areas? How will our cities and lives change? We can create a new world of mobility in which autonomous vehicles allow a much better integration and participation of elderly and disabled people in society by providing easy access and availability to urban transportation. Parking lots can be removed and green spaces, parks, shopping center and living space can be built at those places instead. Safety on the streets will increase as self-driving cars do not have moments of shocks, do not react emotionally in tricky situations, do not drink and are not tired. And our future mobility will give us back a lot of precious time. Quality time that can be spend with the family, to sleep, watch the latest movie or to work. In short then new mobility era will increase safety, provide accessibility for everyone, improve life quality, and make time more productive.

There are many doubters. People that see rather risks than chances. Let us convince those people together. We should support the brave, the daring, the forward-thinkers and inventors to meet the approval of the reinvention of the automobile. ↬ Johann Jungwirth

Car manufacturers thrive for the vision to move from a hardware manufacturer to a service and mobility provider, and to create an ecosystem in which the vehicle will be our best friend to whom we build a relationship, and that gets to know us well with our preferences. Johann Jungwirth described it that way: “The engine was the heart of the vehicle and the driver its brain. Now 100 years later the autonomous driving system will be the heart of the automobile, and the mobility platform will become its brain.”

Watch the keynote by Johann Jungwirth at CeBit

Written by Sabrina Rzepka


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