Carmakers recognize they’re fighting a war over customer data. Your driving behavior, location, has monetary value, not unlike your search activity.

— Roger Lactot
Automakers want your car data

How much worth is your privacy in exchange for car-related services?

According to a Mc Kinsey survey conducted U.S. drivers are more willing to share personal data in exchange of car-related services. Wireless connections in vehicles have been installed since decades with one purpose: collecting data. The ultimative objective of car manufacturers is  to aggregate this data to consumer preference profiles that can be sold to vendors in order to place personalizes offers that show up on the drivers´ screen just at the right time. The big question is which data are consumers willing to share? And what do they expect in return? How will OEMs persuade their customers to provide them with that data? And will consumers mind receiving coupon offers that the next trafficlight stop?

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