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The daily business of a Product Manager requires a broad skill set. Doing a good job requires necessary capabilities that can hardly be taught. But is there a set of characteristics that Product people should inherently bear inside? If those are developed well, will they fuel our skills? Let´s have a look at 10 skills to see what it takes to succeed as Product Manager....

In the first part of this article we focused on our priorities and I introduced a simple method how to structure your inbox in order to keep focus on the important things. But there are way more uncovered hurdles to take when sending out and receiving emails...

Emails are one of the best inventions of the last century, by now it is also one of the most hated medium of our time. Explore why is that and how emails can be used in an efficient way...

The most powerful way to express ourselves, convince others and make people listen: our voice and language. In their role Product Managers are often caught inbetween and have to be multi-talented when it comes to managing (difficult) personalities. Meetings can mean hard times. Here´s how to survive them: language tweaks and a powerful voice will make others listen to you...

Mankind is right in the middle of a new era and revolution of the automobile. Just 100 years ago people switched from horses to cars. Now we are facing the reinvention of the automobile...